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Resources for Schools

Resources for Schools

Kindergarten,7th, and 12th Grade Immunization Requirements Materials

Below are some additional materials that have been developed to help educate students, parents and school staff about the immunization rule changes.

Some resources are available for direct shipment. If you’d like to order free copies, please fill out this order form. The order form is operable in all internet browsers.

Materials for School Staff:

Materials for Communicating with Parents

Materials for Parents/Guardians of Kindergarten Students:

Materials for Parents/Guardians of Rising 7th and 12th Grade Students:

Letter to 7th Grade Parents English (color) (PDF, 558 KB) English (b&w) (PDF, 578 KB) Spanish (color) (PDF, 557 KB)
Letter to 12th Grade Parents English (b&w) (PDF, 578 KB)
Reminder Postcard English (color) (PDF, 551 KB)   Spanish (color) (PDF, 671 KB)
Flyer (Q&A) English (color) (PDF, 693 KB)    

Materials for School Use:

Modifiable Letter: Notification of Non-Compliance English (PDF, 136 KB) Spanish (PDF, 116 KB)
Modifiable Letter: Notification of Exclusion English (PDF, 114 KB) Spanish (PDF, 182 KB)


Garrett’s Law

Garrett’s law was enacted in 2004.  It mandates schools provide parents and guardians with information about meningococcal meningitis and influenza and the vaccines that protect against these diseases. The law was expanded in 2007 to mandate that information also be provided about human papillomavirus (HPV) and the vaccines available to protect against HPV.

The following materials are available to support this effort. Additional materials are available at each of the disease specific pages.

Meningococcal meningitis


  • Cover Your Cough
  • What Parents Need to Know About the Flu (color, b&w) (PDF, 1.14 MB, 974 KB)
  • What Schools Need to Know About Preventing the Spread of Flu (color, b&w) (PDF, 636 KB, 574 KB)
  • Good Health Manners (English, Spanish) (PDF, 614 KB, 700 KB)


  • HPV informational flyer (color, b&w) (PDF, 787 KB, 617 KB)

Recommended Vaccines



Updated: August 19, 2020